A Crystal Maze themed event where teams compete in a range of team building games in order to win the most crystals. Suitable for indoor and outdoor events.

Teams visit activity zones that are categorized Physical, Mental, Mystery and Skill. In each zone there are a number of themed team building games and activities for teams to complete. Challenges are varied to suit all skills and are specially designed to encourage attributes including communication, logic, co-ordination, problem solving and time management. For each challenge teams are awarded crystals depending on their performance. The more crystals teams earn, the more time they will have in the finale.


Sample Tasks


Blind Date

Each sub-team must make an octagon with the rope provided. They can plan for 15 minutes and then the task will change slightly as they are given more information that makes the overall task a little bit more complex and they will need to interact with some other groups to complete their task. After another 10 minutes everyone will be blindfolded and given the rope. They will have 10 minutes to complete the task. 

Tower to the people

to build the highest tower in the shortest time. Disaster can strike so easily and the towers tumble before the results are measured. Communication and time management are key to success. 

‘Be Crateful’

An enclosure with crates laid out in an offset grid pattern. The team or sub-teams must cross and recross the enclosure using equipment provided. This consists of a 6-foot plank, an 8-foot length of rope, and a bucket of water. 

Performance Hoop

Each team must pass from point A to Point B but they must move through the inner tube of a tyre. They have 2 seconds each to get from a to B. Bonus points for the quickest team. Motivation energy and thinking outside the box are key skills that a team will need to use to complete this task. Achieving the European and world record will help focus the team to maximum achievement. 

‘All Around The House’

A restricted area inside which there is a ball set upon an out of equilibrium fulcrum kept level by a bungee cord under tension. The team must endeavour to release the ball and transfer it to a container outside the restricted area. The equipment provided includes a bottle, a bucket, some eave run, bungee cord, and string. 

‘Just In Time’

A square restricted area with a canister placed in the centre. The team must fill the canister with a liquid and then remove it to a safe container. The equipment provided includes a bottle, some lengths of twine, a scissors, and a piece of car tubing, etc.




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The Mind Maze - Testimonials

Just a note to thank you both for the activities at the Heineken conference. I thought they went very well, and Heineken have said that they got a great reaction to the activities from delegates, so good news! Sarah Gallagher, O ‘Leary PR

- O’ Leary PR