Based on the 1980’s TV Show, teams are tested on a number of diverse abilities and skills. Scores are allocated to each team challenge.

Key benefits include; Team collaboration, communication, motivation, creativity, dexterity, problem solving, innovation.


Sample tasks and rounds



This round incorporates creativity. In it, teams tested on their creativity by having to perform a task such as re-writing a nursery rhyme as a news story. Our facilitators then vote on the best effort.

Mental agility

Teams have to memorise a sequence and then answer a series of progressively more complicated questions. For instance, if the sequence to be memorised was a series of coloured blocks, the questions might start as “What is the colour of the third block from the left?” and progress to “What is the colour of the block two to the left of the block to the right of the green block?”. Other forms of memory test might require contestants to remember a phrase or proverb and answer a series of questions about it (e.g. “What was the fifth letter of the fourth word?” or “Spell the last word backwards”).


Teams are given various puzzles/ blocks which must be formed into a particular pattern. Time limits are set for each puzzle.

In addition, teams must respond to a series of questions by striking an electronic buzzer. First to hit the buzzer may gain the advantage, but only if they give the correct or top answer. Scores are electronically recorded immediately following this challenge.


Teams are shown a diagram of picture of a structure. When this diagram is removed, teams are given their equipment and must build the structure exactly as seen in the diagram/picture.

Physical Ability

This round typically includes an inflatable obstacle course including vertical and flat surfaces. As teams complete the course, they must quickly build a cryptic puzzle to gain maximum points.


Quick fire rounds on a range of topics are presented on screen. Teams use remote control devices to respond and answer as many questions as possible in the given time. Topics include, general knowledge, music, movies, geography, famous photos, what happened next, etc. Scores are immediately recorded electronically.

Super round

Teams compete with each other on a number of giant games in order to gain maximum points before the final buzzer sounds.