Re-live the excitement, anticipation and glory experienced at the School Sports Day. This universally enjoyed team challenge has a formula that is ahead of the rest. An action packed school sports day with many old favourites and a few modern additions! This event is hosted by our ‘PE teacher ‘compere and managed by our team of activity instructors who will judge and referee all games. This hilarious and fun event has been specially designed to provide maximum laughs and plenty of participation. The group is divided into ‘class’ teams. Teams rotate around all games.


Egg & Spoon, three legged races, giant volleyball, space hoppers, giant ski race, rounders, soccer skills and sack races are just a few of the challenges involved.

It’s time to get into your teams now, as the Head master has no time to wait around!

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Thanks again for hosting a great event. We are getting some fantastic feedback. I think it has been decided to make an annual event out of it with the possibility of a second event later in the year!    

- Allianz Worldwide Care