The team building activity which brings the glitz and glamour of Hollywood to the very heart of your event, challenging your teams to produce their own movie classics movies, and creating a cost-free evening of hilarious entertainment in the process. Shawshank Redemption, Alcatraz, A Few Good Men, The Godfather …see them all as you’ve never seen them before!

Alternatively, a fun movie theme can focus around your company products or services… or…Make a headline story for the 6.01 News!

Each team is furnished with equipment designed to help them achieve a result they will be justly proud of. Including, video cameras, effects lighting, authentic costumes, props, make up, clapperboards etc, plus a detailed brief of their objectives and their allotted film. Equally important is the technical support provided, with experienced staff always on hand to assist and advise. Planning, scripting and rehearsing soon give way to on-location shooting as the creative juices really start to flow. And in as little as two hours you could have your movie ‘in the can’ and be sipping cocktails with your colleagues eagerly awaiting the star studded evening of movie premieres, culminating in the tears and laughter of the hilarious Awards Ceremony.

On top of all the fun and hilarity of the event, teams will soon realise they have also embarked upon a challenging exercise in high-performance team working

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‘Thanks so much, It was a fantastic event. The feedback from everyone has been excellent’  

- Microsoft