Your Mission should you choose to accept it will commence…. The details unfold of what lies ahead in the battle against SMEEG, locating secret clues, decoding signals, dodging mine fields, retrieving toxic waste and open combat. You need all the skills, resources and knowledge you possess to meet the challenges and complete your mission.

You will rendezvous at the secret location. On arrival, the operatives will be met by the Field Marshall and his team of accomplices. Each team must complete the course with skill, speed and plenty of style!

If you are to succeed in achieving your Mission you must be able to confidently step out of sticky situations. Can the team solve the mind tests and physical problems that the KGB agents have set for them?


Your mission will now commence………


 Sample Tasks


Radioactive Retrieval

Each team has to use their skill and daring to retrieve radioactive material from a highly secure unit. Penalties will be incurred if teams release any radioactivity into the area causing contamination.

Laser Zone

The ultimate in advanced interactive laser games. Laser zone enables the player to experience the thrills of battle with state of the art laser guns and custom-built harnesses. This will all take place inside the world famous inflatable laser ship. Up to 8 agents will battle it out in the huge dome 

Easy Does It

Each team is given various pieces of equipment. They must then build a vehicle to transport one team member into the exclusion zone, so that they can retrieve the set of clues to solve the task. Unfortunately being in an Eastern Bloc country there are so many rules and the vehicle is more a Lada than a Merc so obviously the team must improvise. 

Rocket Launch

This task requires a lot of creative thinking. Each team must design a “proto-type” to launch a rocket. Unfortunately all you are given is a wavin pipe, ropes, bungie cord, a plank and some cord. The team is given half an hour to design the rocket launcher. At the end of the planning phase you are ready to try and launch 3 rockets. (i.e. Flour bombs at the other team) but remember they also have 3 goes and guess who’s the target!

World in Action

Imagine trying to win a game of volleyball against another team, but the ball is 2ft in diameter! The winners will certainly have worked up a sweat. Team tactics are certainly the secret weapon in this task.

Bomb Squad

Each team must remove bombs that saboteurs have planted in the reactor room of a nuclear power station. The scenario is structured so that the teams best chance of success involves them all learning the system for safely removing the bombs, and then each taking a separate route to the power station.

Assault Course

Teams compete to negotiate the obstacles in the quickest time without breaking any of the rules or detonating any of the hidden booby traps.Each team will have several practice runs before they must compete against the clock to achieve the best possible time. Monkey bridge, cargo nets, balance beams and hanging tyres will become familiar terms before the teams have completed this task.


Teams must move their group through an “electric fence” web structure, simulated minefields and other obstacles. This involves agility and logical reasoning to avoid the “mine”. 


Each team is given a giant sized jigsaw puzzle, which they must assemble in the quickest time possible. They must pit their wits and ingenuity in an attempt to beat their opponents and the clock!


Note: Activities above may vary depending on venue availability.






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Thank you very much for the teambuilding event. The feedback was great and it definitely ticked all the boxes as far as we are concerned.(Laura Norton, AXA Ireland)  

- AXA Ireland