With Mad add magic, each team must write, produce, direct and star in a TV commercial called “Our Team- Our Products- Your choice”

This fun and novel activity ensures that the teams creatively work together to create their advert and ensure that they capture the needs for the business in the year ahead. The team must also innovate to give a clear message. Each team is furnished with equipment designed to help them achieve a result they will be justly proud of including; video cameras, effects lighting, a mirage of props and costumes, clapperboards etc.


Equally important is the technical support provided, with experienced staff always on hand to assist and advise. Planning, scripting and rehearsing soon give way to on-location shooting Each advert will be filmed by the team and the final product can be shown at the end of the day.

On top of all the fun and hilarity of the event, teams will soon realise they have also embarked upon a challenging exercise in high-performance team working, Much can, and will, be learned as they grapple with the great diversity of tasks and roles, both on-screen and off, which combine to make ‘Mad Ad Magic’ one of the most successful teambuilding and motivational experiences ever devised.