Have you ever considered yourself to be as suave and sophisticated as James Bond? Have you got what it takes to  step out of a sticky situation when all around you are losing their heads? Can you and your team of ‘Bondies’ solve the mind tests and physical problems that our KGB agents have set for you? Are your powers of observations so good that you can fool any of the spies that may try to infiltrate your team to steal your answers? If the answer is yes, then step this way into the world of 007. You have been transported to a secret location, you think somewhere in Russia, where you are set a number of team building challenges. Gusts are briefed by 006 in our themed mission centre.

Sample activities


Golden Eye

Is there a spy amongst us? A test of knowledge against the clock will weed out any weakness. Using state of the art technology, agents will be subjected to digitized rounds of quick fire ‘Bond’ questions. Teams use remote controls to provide their answers, only teams who succeed in this challenge are worthy to join bond in his mission.

From Russia with Love.

The team are faced with the problem of passing the entire team through the ‘iron curtain’ without touching the structure. More than 3 infringements will ensure the task becomes more difficult because a team member will be blindfolded for 5 minutes and must still complete the task. Bonus points for the team that does it with the least number of infringements.

Die another day

Each team is given a giant sized puzzle, which they must assemble in the quickest time possible. They must pit their wits and ingenuity in an attempt to beat their opponents and the clock!

The world is not enough’

Any top class agent will need to handle whatever vehicle they can get their hands on in an emergency situation. Agents test their skills around the obstacle courses on quads and racing simulators. Points awarded for each activity will go towards the overall team score.

The man with the golden gun 

Designed to impress the best crack shots in the world. Laser shot is a high-tech shooting simulator. Designed originally for use by the defence forces as a training simulator. Each system comes with a choice of 15 different simulations, which gives users a choice of pistol shooting, game shooting, target shooting, and clay pigeon shooting.

You only live twice.

Nerves of steel are the requirement here. Agents must pass the hoop through an electric structure without touching it more than twice. Otherwise a loud siren kicks in, alerting the enemy, and your game is up!

Quantum of Solace

Agents are given a map of complex maize which then needs to be constructed by the team, in order to reveal the whereabouts of the hidden diamonds, within the shortest possible time if they are going to have any chance. Teamwork, planning and communication are key to success.

Live & let die

A restricted area inside which there is an explosive device, set upon an out of equilibrium fulcrum kept level by a  cord under tension. The team must endeavour to release the device and transfer it to a container outside the restricted area.


Above are sample tasks and there are many more. Each event is designed to suit the group size, venue and duration. Get in touch today for further details.






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James Bond Day - Testimonials

I just wanted to pass onto you a ‘ huge’ thanks for making our trip to Dublin so special.The treasure hunt was a fantastic start to our conference – everyone bonded straight away & really enjoyed the sites of Dublin. A fantastic icebreaker! The organisation of the event was brilliantly efficient, but suitably relaxed, and your help in giving the delegates a little something of Ireland to take away was a great icing on the cake. Thanks again to you and your team, and we’ll stay in touch for the next one…(Oliver Clarke, Account Director, Stella Artois – Global)  

- Stella Artois Global