Sample Tasks


The Molly Malone

To wheel your wheel barrow through things broad and narrow is difficult enough. However, when blindfolded and trying to get your load to the market, this will test your cockles and mussels to the limit.

Puc Fada

The ‘Puc Fada’ is a traditional Irish game. It is derived from the Irish game Hurling. The participant is required to hit the sliotar (ball) as far as possible with the Hurley, keeping it within the boundaries. 

The Black Stuff 

Downing pints of Guinness is easy, however pulling the perfect pint is more of an art form. Test your skill at the pumps in the company of the professional Bartender. A shamrock on top earns extra points, or make the perfect Irish coffee!

Turf Stacking

One of the most popular versions of this activity is to stack the highest pile of turf on a circular base, Jenga style, within the allocated time!

The Celtic Huntsman 

Your survival depends on your ability to hunt efficiently. Test your skills with the Celtic Archer.

Round bale racing

. Take one large round hay bale and roll it with team mates as fast as you can to the finish line! Simple? –  Yes! Easy? – No! 

Tug – of – War

The age-old battle of the town lands where the toughest of the neighbourhoods stood against each other to ‘Tug’ the opposition across their line.

Toss the Sheaf

The Sheaf toss is a traditional agricultural sporting event contested at country fairs. A pitchfork is used to hurl burlap bag stuffed with straw over a horizontal bar above the competitor’s head.

 Top of the morning 

Each team is given paper, rubber bands, paper clips etc,  and anything else they can find. They must produce a piece of creative headdress that best represents their vision of  Ireland and the Irish. Of course each one must be modelled by a team member together with a running commentary.








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