Imagine if they could actually learn to play the instruments in only a couple of hours, and perform in harmony, each person playing their part – in time and on cue.Drum Jam brings these possibilities to life in the most vibrant and exhilarating new form of teambuilding to be developed in years.

Working with professional percussionists, each team will quickly learn the basics of the Samba rhythms and ‘breaks’, playing a kaleidoscope of instruments including surdos, snare drums, kettle drums, floor drums, cymbals, tamborims, triangles, guiros, agogos, cuicas, cow bells and shakers.

They will learn the art of keeping time with their hips, reading audio and visual signals for ‘breaks’ (changes in the tune or tempo) and above all, that there is no room for the individual ego to dominate.

As confidence and ability grows, the smaller teams merge together in preparation for the stunning, thundering, uplifting crescendo as the entire group performs together in a pulsating performance of epic proportions. The kind of stuff that really makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

Drum Jam is infectious – people just can’t help getting involved. You’ll find even the most reserved characters are soon beaming from ear to ear and stomping their feet.

If a sense of unity and shared achievement are important to your next event, then try Drum Jam. It’s amazing.

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Hi Mark…It was a really great day overall. We’re going to have to get our thinking caps on for next year, It’s going to be hard to match the last two years!!!   

- Allergan Pharmaceuticals