The Circus Skills Workshop is a hugely successful activity for business groups.It’s a tried and tested shared team building or break out activity.It is a fast paced, highly interactive, hands-on experience for all.Everybody gets to try everything and the ball is kept rolling so that nobody gets bored and everybody always wants more at the end.It’s a fun, interesting and challenging experience on a physical and mental level for all abilities.


The participants are treated as a group so no one feels singled out. Each individual is given the same fun activities at the same time thus fostering friendly competition and goal achievement and reward.It is a very flexible and adaptable class and it caters to all group sizes, durations, and venue availability.


“I remember you so well from the Commercial Event in the Convention Centre and the fantastic job you did for me. I would be more than happy to recommend you if you need me to. Hope all is well and keep in touch Kind regards Mary”

 Kerry Group


The Circus Skills Workshop includes any and/or all of the following Skills-

Juggling Scarves, Juggling Balls, Ball Bouncing, Cigar Box Manipulation, Diabolo, Devil Stick, Hula Hooping, Poi Spinning, Plate Spinning, Stilt Walking, Balncing Feathers and Sticks, Ball Spinning, Team Games, Pedal Goes, Unicycling.

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Circus Skills Workshop - Testimonials

Thanks a mil for another well organised event!  Great night, it all ran so smoothly and it was a big hit!  Everyone had a great time.    

- O’ Donnell Sweeney Eversheds