Chocolate Making  Challenge


Sample programme; (Each event is adapted to suit the group size and venue)


Your team’s challenge is to produce a brand new eye catching and delicious box of chocolates. The team will first need to come up with a name for their chocolate company. Once a brand name has been selected, the team will need to identify the area of the market they are targeting. They will design logos, brand and package their new product. This challenge simulates business processes from product conception through design, production, pricing and marketing. In the second part of the event our Head Chocolatiers will take everyone through the process of making their newly designed chocolates. This is the time to get ‘hands on’ and very chocolaty! To conclude the event, each team will present their product to invite positive and constructive comment. The Head Chocolatiers will debrief the teams, announce the winning team and a prize will be awarded. The Chocolates will be judged on a variety of categories including:

Teams sales pitch






Chocolate Making - Gallery