A call for passion, innovation, and artistic creativity can be realised in this informative, fun and totally unique artistic event that aims to unlock the teams artistic talent and imagination, while having a lot of fun in the process!

Working on one large canvas or a series of adjoining canvasses the teams are encouraged to create a work of art that illustrates the key organisational messages, future visions and missions that are important to the team. Working with a range of different art materials the team will combine their skills and creativity to produce the final installation. The final result will prove to be a remarkable piece of art. The delegates will create something to be proud of and they will have all played an essential role in its creation.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. When the artwork is completed, murals can be mounted in the office so that the message is not forgotten.


Alternatively, try our new  T- Shirt painting  workshop! Enquire today for details.

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Art Attack - Testimonials

Thanks so much and truly appreciate all you have done.. apparently it has been one of the best off sites EVER! Also another team in the office will be in touch in the new year to do a similar event… we were so pleased and I have spoken very highly of you!  …. look forward to working with you again!      

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